Trailero Tacos Ensenada


fotos por Taqueria El Trailero

It has been too long since my last visit to Trailero on the north side of Ensenada.  Usually on that side of town, I’m anxious to get my bunz north to San Diego or south to get to my home approx 1 hour from this spot.

Last Friday, I was wanting some tacos to ease into happy hour, so I stopped in.  Admission here that I have never had tacos para llevar(to go).  Half of the fun of visiting a great taco shop is watching the cooking show and people preparing their adorable antojitos of artful allure.


foto por Bajadock

But, Trailero has spools of plastic bags ready for you to tong your veggies into them and spoon in the salsas and guac for your home bound cargo.  Heck if you were destitute you could order 2 tacos and steal 10 pounds of veggies and salsas to feed an army.  But, everyone is cool, taking only what they need for to dress up their individual tacos.

BTW, Trailero was the site of my visiting niece’s famous, “OMG, why would anyone living here ever buy groceries?” quote.  With the food value here, that is not a bad argument.

I ordered some carne and some al pastor tacos.  The tortillas and cooked meat were put in flat styro trays and covered with aluminum foil.  I packed up my veggies, salsas and 4 tacos  for 84mnp.  That’s 4 US dollars and 40 cents, tightwads!

And just to show what a classy taco shopper am I, paired my precious taco feast with a bottle of Orowines 2013 Bluegray Priorat from Catalonia, Spain.  This blend is Cabernet – Carignan – Grenache with 45% grenache.  Sho ‘nuf, the label says to pair it with carne tacos!  8)~(excellent find and was  a last moment substitute for the aristocratic Padre Kino 2017 that had <<<been aging in my car’s trunk).  Anyone for a blind taste test between Padre Kino and 2 Buck Chuckles???

One surprise from my bag of salsas was the onion and pepper mix, seen in the big clear plastic bowl in photo right(foto por Bajadock).  Ouchee, those peppers are not for whimps.  Tongues on fire were only soothed by adding extra guacamole.

Need more excuses to hang in Ensenada Norte.  I’ll channel my favorite muse for fantastic inspiration.



al pastor, mi favorito


above 3 photoso by Bajadock, Friday, 14 Oct 2016


Trailero is located in El Sauzal, the northside area of Ensenada, approx .8 of a mile south of the hwy 3 exit to the wine valley.  It is also 2.5 miles south of the Ensenada toll booth, east/inland side of road.  They advertise 7am – 2pm, so little planning is needed for your taco fix.  And watch the parking situation out front with the marginal road paralleling hwy 1 and traffic inning/outing.  There is also a small parking lot in the back of the shop.  Trailero Facebook page



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