Strong Carnitas

ensgas1 carnitasmichoacanmap

A buildup of gases caused the Saturday afternoon chain explosion that hit at least 12 culverts equal number of homes in the subdivision Buenaventura on the same street of carnitas Michoacan.

Data collected at the crime scene with neighbors indicate that first makes a similar transformer before popping sound was heard and then different intensity explosions were heard.

Captain Mauricio Gonzalez Navarro who headed the brigade who came to the site said that the explosions were recorded at or along the street De Los Mangos, between San Telmo and San Marcos around 17:30.

At least 12 houses sewers place were opened or pushed by the force of the blast and in one case this even a health impact on the second floor.

After the facts Civil protection State and Municipal along with firefighters and local police worked on site to check that could cause the explosion.

“It is presumed could be methane or solvents in one of the homes it smelled strongly of solvents used and thrown the gutter, could be a garage or even fat carnitas.

A strong smell of gas and solvent was perceptible in one of the sewers explosion opened the middle of the street where traffic was closed to check the risk.

Firefighters analyzed the possibility of evacuating the room Bureaucrats who at the time was busy to eliminate any risk of any injured person.


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