CFE Rescue



Two weeks ago, the bracket holding my electrical wiring coming from the transformer to my house failed due to 9 years of rust.  The result was that my wiring was dangling only 8 feet above street level and in serious need of Super Viagra for future performances. 😉  (green circle is of my neighbors more desired “stiff” position)


This was my DIY fix a few weeks ago to tighten up(Archie Bell and the Drells) my wiring and keep it from shocking construction trucks and other vehicles.

Wednesday, my neighbor had an electrical outage at her house.  Her electric bills were paid in full.  Luckily, another neighbor had a qualified electrician to diagnose the problem.  His educated guess was that the problem was either at the box or a CFE problem.  CFE was summoned at approx 10AM, thanks to neighbor J.  Got a quote of between 1 and 10 hour response.


CFE truck and 2 techs showed up at 3PM.  Nice. My neighbor without electricity was gone, but, the techs showed me the electrical box problem.  The local electrician also was on hand to negotiate CFE turning off the electricity to neighbor’s house so that he could replace the box.

Back to my situation, it seems that CFE is responsible for electricity to your electrical box.  Me, the homeowner is responsible from the box and inward to my house.  But, these techs were kind and sympathetic to my weak fix of 2 weeks ago.  They produced the bracket that I needed and got their cherry picker over to me pronto for fix.


While up there they noticed my next door neighbor’s fried electrical wiring at his pole.  That neighbor also happened to be away this afternoon.


Does this look like a solid electrical connection to you?  I’m surprised I did not see them glowing in the dark.  These look worse than xrays of my knees.  I’m guessing me neighbor’s electrical bills may be happier in future.


Here is the CFE fix on my pole.

Everyone, regardless of the country, complains about the customer service of their utility companies.  Today, Comision Federal Electricidad:

a) showed up within 5 hours of our call

b) provided helpful diagnosis and assistance for our initial electical outage at neighbor #1

c) noticed the fried electrical connection at neighbor #2 while addressing my issue and rewired that neighbor’s connection

d) Provided a new bracket for my fix and did the job quickly, even though it was arguably my problem.

e) That’s 3 house electrical fixes in less than an hour of arrival and with smiles.

Thank you CFE.  Sent them away with my thanks and some cold cervezas.  While they can’t drink on job, they’ll have fun with those later tonight.





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