Bare Black Market

Bajadock: this is sad news, although I have only shopped at “Mercado Negro” a few times.  It is an iconic Ensenada spot along with the surrounding marisco shops.  On the bright side, the fish have never smelled so fresh on these shelves.   😉

BTW, whatever happened to the December 2012 announcement on this area’s redevelopment (new parking structure, shopping development, landscaping, public restrooms)???  Someone in goverment+property mgmt+wine biz should plan and develop a wine bar on the malecon featuring Valle de Guadalupe wine, local cheese, fruit and bread.  The malecon area screams for a simple tapas bar to sip, nosh and drink in the sea air and the view.  “Vino del Mar”?

The famous Black Market Ensenada has risen in recent days without seafood. The smell of fish seems to no longer be so pervasive as sometimes there are only a dozen open positions with very little to offer on crushed ice.

Since July this year several businesses in Ensenada seafood market had closed by several factors, including lack of resources, fiscal restrictions, bans and price increases.

The newspaper El Vigia says there are only four open seats, which offer few varieties of fish, some octopus and shrimp. While business owners say that right now can not find fish.  Via El Vigia


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