Borders by AeroMexico

This powerful ad from Aeromexico and created out of Ogilvy & Mather Mexico takes an obvious jab at presidential candidate Donald Trump by examining the concept of borders — and the strife they can create in society.

There are ideological divides that lead to tensions between man and woman, fat and thin, straight and homosexual. Then, there are the more tangible separators like fences and walls — an obvious nod to the tremendous barricade between the U.S. and Mexico proposed by Mr. Trump, built “simply because someone didn’t want anything to do with someone next door.”

“Has anything come of them?” asks the voice of an omniscient narrator, who then eventually reveals himself to be the voice of Aeromexico, saying that it’s possible to rise above it all.

“On land, borders can maintain distances, but in the sky, we show you it’s different,” he says. “Excuse me: I have a job to do.”


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