New Bed


Successfully imported my new bed and now enjoying great dreams on the “Perfect Cloud” mattress.

Researched memory foam mattresses for a few days and was surprised at the dozens of companies offering their unique spin selling on a mattress.  You know the mattress industry is similar to buying a car when they offer you a “sleep counselor”.  Have not seen any “undercoating” options yet.


This was my sleep counselor Friday night, celebrating International Grenache Day, yum.

Back to mattresses, I almost went with Tuft and Needle mattress, based upon reviews.  But, Perfect Cloud seemed similar for approximately 1 case of wine le$$.  OK, I get the “One third of your life deserves luxury sleep, blah blah”.  But, I am usually a very good sleeper, regardless of whatever mattress is enjoying my lovemaking to it.  Hey, if you’ve got a spare $5K:USD to throw at a “sleep system”, haveablast(see Tempur Pedic).


At 144 pounds, this king sized burrito was a bit of a challenge hauling up my 15 stairs.  Also went with an 18 inch high frame to allow loads of storage below.  These foam mattresses are vacuum sealed and expand when you open the condom wrapper.  Just be careful not to cut the mattress material when removing the condom.


After 2 weeks of sleep on this, I am very happy with my mattress choice.  For comparison, I’m a 175 pound belly/side sleeper.  Larger, smaller bods and other sleep habits may have different experiences.  Following is from Perfect Cloud review…


Hmmm, “Mocha Ultrasuede siding”?  Who wrote that pretentious poppycock?

This is a bit more firm than my 16 year experience with my recently deceased water bed.  But, the gel foam provides me perfect balance of absorbing my pressure points and firm support.

#1 thrill is that Perfect Cloud adds no heat effect.  I have experienced foam mattresses and foam toppers that heat me up like fried bacon.  My metabolism runs hot, so I am a perfect guinea pork belly test subject for mattress heating.  Perfect Cloud is cool.

Descansa en paz, cama de agua. Tears are plentiful as my waterbed, purchased in “party like it’s 1999”, is awaiting burial.
Please stop all of the calls and texts about the rumored sale of my lava lamp, black light and ceiling mirrors.


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