Punta Morro Dining


We were in need of celebrating the Sept 4 1970 release of the Rolling Stones’ “Get Your Ya Yas Out”(Jumpin, Sympathy, Honky Tonk, Street Fightin).  What better place to rock than on the rocks.  I have enjoyed Punta Morro happy hour approx one dozen times.  Last week was my first chow down dining experience there.

This beautiful scene perched on top of the waves and rocks screams “Prom Queen” dining.  That is the term I use for all show, no go and overpriced special occasion restaurants.  But, Punta Morro delivers value in excellent food quality throughout their menu.

Four of us started out on their outside tables wave watching with a local cabernet and ceviche.  It was a perfect Labor Day weekend evening with light winds and room temperature climate.  When we decided to move inside at dusk, we were fortunate to be escorted to a table on the south wall of windows with the view towards home across Bahia Ensenada.

Our team ordered 8 dishes and shared around the table.  We selected a wine from the Valle de Guadalupe that we had never tried before, Solar Fortun Noble Cru.  Noble Cru is a blend of Mourvedre, Cab, Syrah and Petit Verdot.  My experience and enjoyment of Mourvedre is improving as I find more wines in Ensenada with this grape in the mix.


One of the surprise star selections was the clam chowder.  I am a big chowdah fan and have suffered through plenty of pasty glop over the years.  But, Punta Morro’s shellfish stew shines.  One of our diners almost ordered an additional bowl.  Next time, justdoit!


Hidden in this mountain of lettuce, cheese and salsa are lobster enchiladas.  This was a first for me and was full of big chunks of sea bugs.


“Enselada de Salmon” was the perceived order.  But, this layered salmon and tomato dish surprised us.  It was fun and tasty, although the toms were not quite as full of flavor as we would like.  We did order a couple of house salads that were good, but, I’m not a fan of the bread bowl serving. The salads were fresh and crisp and added 3 shrimpies on a skewer.


The pulpo(octopussy), olive and veg salad is a solid bet for suckers.  Oh and almost forgot the chicken liver pate(right side of above photo) that is a treat for the fresh bread with your dinner.

pmlobsterchorizoemp adobeguadkerubiel

Another dish that you can’t find just anywhere was a lobster chorizo empenada.  This is a playful appetizer to start and share.

Service this night at Punta Morro was noticeably slow.  We did not mind as our conversation on food, beverages and life was as enjoyable as the food.  I was at 50/50 on ordering our third bottle of wine.  That’s “POR FAVOR” according to my math!  We enjoyed a bottle of Adobe Guadalupe Kerubiel, another GSM with Cinsault.  This is one of my favs of our local wine valley.

Back to value, Punta Morro has an extensive appetizer menu that you can enjoy if your team’s peso budget is healing.  Or if you want to get your ya-yas out, they will also be happy to assist.




Punta Morro is one of a handful of fine dining experiences in Ensenada that also delivers on good service, variety of menu choices and a world class view on the water. For my first dining experience there, I’ll give them 4 out of 5 clams.  Will return soon.

Punta Morro website


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