Cocina Silvestre



At km35.5, just south of Popotle and Blvd 2000 on the Free Road, you will find Hotel Calafia.   The restaurant spot on the rocks above the waves there is now called Cocina Silvestre.

My friend and I arrived late in the afternoon and enjoyed good greetings from Maria.  We ordered a glass of cab and a Bohemia did get some of the road behind us.  But, the cabernet had turned to an excellent cleaning vinegar, although we did not press the inquiry on whose cab it was.  My navigator changed to a Bohemia.

That screech of a start quickly moved toward some very good and interesting food flavors.  We started with a calamari dish in a pesto sauce along with the house bread.  The calamari flavor was good and the pieces of calamari were mixed in texture from ok to slighty spongy.  Keep in mind that I just had the best calamari of my life at Ennios Restaurant Italiano in Ensenada last week. The sauce was excellent.


Silvestre’s take on aguachile was the nice plate of shrimpies in a mango/lime/chili sauce.  Oooh, it was full of flavor, though slightly too limey for our tastes.


My expectation for my salad order was some green stuff, maybe a tomato and some kind of dressing.  Check out the chunky, crispy goodness of apples, blue cheese, almonds and fresh veggies on this plate.  I could convert to a veggie easily with this kind of food.


To soothe our palates from the vinegar cabernet, el jefe, Conrad, ordered us a complimentary postre of sorbet and fudge brownie.  This team gets an A on effort, a B+ on execution and definite see you soon from us.  It was delicious food presented with extra care and creativity.


We’ll see you soon and wish you and your team great success.


Cocina Silvestre entry


Spacious patio dining

We’ll give Cocina Silvestre at Calafia four out of five mision bells for the nice setting, ocean view and friendly service.  Just vacuum seal or rotate that wine inventory for us next time?




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  1. bajadulces
    Posted September 4, 2016 at 13:17 | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks for an honest and realistic review. Not something we see often.

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