Tijuana DriveIn Theater


It’s been three weeks since the announcement of a new drive-in theater in Tijuana, called “Big Moon Auto Cinema”, and a lot of people lost their minds (at least we did), eager to know more details about the project.

On Wednesday, Bigmoon was at the press conference for the 4th Edition of Tijuana Innovadora, and revealed the location of their drive-in. Are you ready?

The exact location will be in a parcel of land next to the city’s Parque Morelos, on Insurgentes Blvd., Tercera Etapa Rio Tijuana, and the screens, they promise, will have the best audiovisual technology. Food Trucks options will be available for people to enjoy the many flavors of Baja California.

Picture: Bigmoon/Drive-in design proposal

According to Bigmoon, besides having the space for cars, there will be an area for people who want to experience a new way of watching movies outdoors. This area will have grass, booths and chairs. At the end people can choose the best option to watch a movie according to their moods.

This drive-in still doesn’t have an exact date for its opening, in the meantime, is still under construction and the details are pendin, with construction ongoing and probably ready by Fall.

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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