Ensenada Swim With Sharks


In September open to the general public the first oceanic aquarium in Latin America, which is installed in the Punta Banda, in the area where fattening ranches operate bluefin tuna.

The aquarium will be installed in what is a tuna ranch and will feature an underwater observatory, swimming areas with tuna and sharks, restaurants, playgrounds and other attractions.

Bautista Hector Mejia, director of the Port Authority (API) of Ensenada, reported this and said the place is finished and only the latest revisions are made to ensure the complete safety of those who come to this site.

He said this is a private investment company Baja Aqua Farms.

The official name of this place is , Acuario Oceánico, Bahia de Todos Santos, and is located in the area known as Tres Hermanas in Punta Banda peninsula, about thirty minutes via the sea port of Ensenada. Swim with sharks

In the environmental impact study authorized by Semarnat the activities undertaken therein explained: “Visitors will be offered the opportunity to feed directly to fish, swim and snorkel in a closure, also known as cage or floating aquarium “.

“The cages will be built with network enclosures in which will be found in captive bluefin tuna, sharks and other species of native fish , ” adds the document. In

addition to tourism, research will be conducted by the Cicese of species in captivity and exhibition.



foto por Bajadock


mapa por Bajadock



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