Ennios Restaurante Italiano


My VIP guests had a birthday to celebrate and I left the restaurant choice up to them.  Ennios Restaurante Italiano was the spot on Thurday night.

I have enjoyed Ennios authentic Italian food several times, but, my travel and other distractions have kept me away from this excellent eatery in 2016.  Other than my 2 weeks in Italy, my excuses for missing Ennios are not good.

As usual, Luis had a big smile and welcome for us upon entering.  They have added a handful of new items to the menu.  Still not serving beer, but, you can get your grape on from the wine list.  Also, next door is 1o1 Vinos with a good variety of grape juice from the Valle de Guadelupe.  Ennios’ corkage fee is modest.

As Luis and Ennio are always chatting with customers in between cooking and serving, we made certain they had a glass of the grenache blend we brought to enjoy.  Grape Friends!

Without my help, one of my guests asked about the antipasto starter.  Here is the answer.


Also still on the welcoming committee is the lettuce salsa(photo right), a simple combo of lettuce, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and smidgen of jalapeno pepper for dipping the fresh bread.  The antipasto is perfect for sharing with 4 people.  For the 3 of us, we left a bit on the serving plate to save room for the main courses.


Chicken marsala was one of our Dad’s favorite dishes.  This one was also excellent.


Shrimp alfredo was another selection.  My love for red sauce often forgets about alfredo.  Lucky me, some of this made it into a take home box for my frig.

“Sorprendeme”(surprise me) has been my standard dining order for most of my adult life.  Ennio only clarified if I wanted a category of meal, like beef.  I rarely order red meat out, although the surprise me thing has given me a few steaks over the years.  I let Ennio know I’d like to be surprised tonight with anything EXCEPT beef.


When Luis served this beauty, I could not guess what it was.  First guess was chicken?  NO.  Fish filet?  CLOSE.  This filet of CALAMARI in tomato and herb sauce was as tender as any fish I have ever enjoyed.


Ennio and his sous chef prepare each meal from fresh ingredients.  He is from the old country and cooks with lots of love.


Our birthday boy got a surprise with this ricotta cheesecake.  Yep, my camera hands were too slow by 2 claws digging into this fun.

There are many new restaurants in Ensenada and it is always fun to try new flavors and experiences.  But, Ennios fun, flavors, friendly atmosphere, value and family style cooking make it a must do and do often eatery in Ensenada.  They are located on Costero, across from the big flag.

646-178-8425  Spanish, English and Italian spoken here.   http://www.enniosrestauranteitaliano.com/

Ennios Facebook Page


Our rating is 5 out of 5 garlic bulbs for Ennios Restaurante Italiano.






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