Casa Magnolia Restaurant

foto por Casa Magnolia

VIP guests arrived Monday for Ensenada invasion this week.  Where to enjoy some good food and a good scene?  Casa Magnolia won the debate.

Casa Magnolia also has some history:


In the 1920s the house was built and transported pre-assembled in the United States to this city by Mr. Juan Abackumoff . Installed at Av . Gastelum where it remained until the day January 20, 2013 , was moved to this place by Lic . Jesus Alberto Ayala Urias and family , a gesture that prevented the demolition of this beautiful house that houses our restaurant.

Aaron and team greeted us with menus and chips with a medium spicy salsa verde.  Shades on the west facing windows were rolled down to ease the heat and bright sunshine.

Sad news was that they only had Pacifico Light, not Pacifico regular.  But, Negra Modelo provided a terrific refreshment.

casamagsopacam     casamagcaes

As mentioned in a previous review, Casa Magnolia’s menu is a thick and extensive book.   Was surprised to learn that entrees included a choice of soup of the day(cream of shrimp) or a small caesar salad.  Soup was excellent in texture and flavor, salads were crisp and colorful as a perfect size for a starter.


Chicken breast cooked with rosemary and portobello, risotto and vegetables in white wine and butter.


Chicken breast  stuffed with spinach , shrimp and cream cheese with sour sweet tamarind sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables with herbs


Ceviche especial is shrimp, fish and octopus with special salsa

Casa Magnolia provides a comfortable & panoramic setting, friendly service and food that has been prepared and seasoned with care.   The restaurant is located on Costero Blvd, south side of city, just as your approach the municipal beach.  Breakfast(7am), lunch and dinner are served.


Our score is 4 out of 5 magnolia flower petals for Casa Magnolia, a very solid dining experience.    646-176-6592


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  1. bajadulces
    Posted August 23, 2016 at 08:16 | Permalink | Reply

    I agree about Casa Magnolia and have a favor to ask — sometime ago you posted directions for SENTRI and the South Dakota plates. I saved the email, but, of course, it’s lost in wherever saved emails seem to go. As I recall, you gave the correct website. If you have the original and could forward it to me, I’d be delighted and grateful and all that. Thanks, Linda

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