Electric Moments Without Electricity


My rural neighborhood loses power 3-4 times per year and usually for about a 4hour period.  Occasionally, we have a longer outage like yesterday’s 7 hour blackout, losing power to a fire on the electric lines running out to La Bufadora and a handful of smaller neighborhoods along that road.

What to do for those of us that are too lazy and/or stubborn to buy a gas generator?

Have a gathering of people for happy and dinner.  Thanks to my kind friends, L, N, T and J, for hosting the lively chatter at dusk and food preparation filling the air with aromas and our bellies with delights.

A dinner gathering without Facebook and interweb drama is a fun event.


An almost stolen vehicle, broken hearts, travel, mended hearts, distinguishing figs from turds, lost relatives, new family members, cats, dogs, extremely gay names for cats, surgeries, movies, new friends, how to open garage door openers without electricity, border crossing directions, sunset, dinner table jewelry(news to me…check out the napkins), a nearly full moon, cherry tomatoes exploding with flavor, pepper mill masquerading as marital aid(red thingy in photo),  squashies and spuds bathed in herbies and a new chicken recipe were part of the discussion.

One political reference and no religious references mentioned.  Laughter was the theme.

Watched the electric company’s trucks fixing the power poles and lines downed this afternoon under that full moon with no wind or waves.  This was a quiet, peaceful night.  Stars were shining, but, slightly washed out be moon.

I am one lucky gringo.




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