Baja Fire Season


foto por Udo Winkler


Yesterday afternoon, the heat motivated me to scan the horizon for smoke, as it occurred to me that I had not noticed any fires in the area this year.  2 hours later, this small fire broke out on Punta Banda at approx K13 of Carretera La Bufadora.

Fire cause?  That close to the road, a cigarette tossed out of a car window leads our early polling.

Great news is that were no homes within harms way with prevailing winds off the Todos Santos Islands and our volunteer firefighters controlled the fire quickly.


foto por Bobby Garza

This power pole did not do so well.  Power went out at 3:55PM.


foto por Bajadock…this is my weak photo from my patio looking down at CFE trucks at toasted power pole at approx 5:20PM.


foto por Bobby Garza

At dusk, CFE crews were doing their work.  Did not read how many poles had to be replaced.  Guessing at 2 or 3 new power poles were installed.

This expert predicted a 9PM electricity fix for the Punta Banda peninsula.  HAH, I was 2 hours off.  Approx 10:45 pm had lights, frig, internet back humming.  7 hour outage?  Not bad here in Gringolandia.

No, I’m not buying a backup generator.  Will post our fun neighborhood non-electric gathering tomorrow.





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