Finca Altozano Restaurant


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Lucky me, to have a good friend inviting me to dine in the wine valley at Finca Altozano .  The Valle de Guadalupe restaurant scene has multiplied like happy rabbits over the past few years.

The dozens of new restaurants has me very challenged to update my Ensenada+Wine Valley interactive map.  But, I need a project to get me exploring the food offerings an hour away from my humble home on the ocean.

Reservations are always a good idea, especially during Vendimia(wine harvest), the first 3 weeks of August.  We showed up after sunset, due to a traffic jam of fine wine bottles that needed emptying.

Finca Altozano translation in Spanglish is “farm on a small hill”.   The outdoor dining room overlooks the garden, farm, surrounding hills and vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe.

Menu changes regularly, but, my favorite part is the extensive appetizer list.  Ordering small plates(entradas) and sharing gives you a broad flavor playground to enjoy.

For whatever reason, octopus has been served to me as my “surprise me/sorprendeme” at least 6 times this year during my travels in North America and Italy.  My friend ordered it this night and I was a happy little boy lapping up the grilled pulpo and sauce with thick bread.


The atmosphere at night under the half moon and Perseid meteor shower made for a very special night.  There was no hurry and plenty of attention from servers if we needed them.  But, we were enjoying our conversation and Equipo Finca Altozano allowed us our space and time.

foto por Edgar Lima

How to convince Javier Plasencia to open a clone of this restaurant in my hood?  But, thanking my lucky star 😉 that “F.A.” is a nice drive 1 hour away.

Lunes: CERRADO | Martes – Jueves: 1-9pm | Viernes – Sábado: 1-10pm | Domingo 12-8pm




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