Tourist Traffic Trouble


Bajdock: Have been to/fro San Diego-Ensenada eight times past few weeks.  Weekend traffic in downtown Ensenada is thick.  Traffic on La Bufadora road is crowded on weekends, but, steady and that my be a good safety consequence.  Traffic southbound at San Ysidro/TJ has seen up to 1 hour waits on Friday evenings and Saturday morning.  Also had a 45 minute SENTRI wait at TJ on Saturday 6 August, my second longest ever in those lanes.  Here is my photo(right) at Ens toll booth Saturday w/ half mile backup southbound.  Lucky me was northbound. Tourism is back.

The 3 traffic light crunches through El Sauzal(N. ‘Nada) would be perfect roundabout spots.  Ditto for roundies at the 4 traffic lights south of Ensenada between Chapultepec to Mandeadero.

The Directorate of Road Engineering XXI City of Ensenada, technical studies begin today in seeking to expedite vehicular traffic at the northern entrance of the city, mainly in the days and times of increased influx of visitors.

Joaquín Plateros Ramirez, owner of that address, said work will begin on Friday with the flow measurement of automobiles, as well as times of greater affluence, and projections of how to synchronize traffic lights to give greater fluidity will circulation .

He noted that such synchronization would take place in two stages, the first comprising the area of road traffic lights of El Sauzal, UABC and San Marino, until the beginning of Boulevard Costero.

Compared to previous years visitor arrivals by road on weekends it has been much higher and therefore have generated traffic congestion at the northern entrance of the port.

However, Plateros Ramirez pointed out that even with the largest number of vehicles in circulation, other measures could be implemented to streamline the automotive circulation in that stretch.

During last week traders, tourist servers and local entrepreneurs spoke for streamline traffic at the northern entrance of the port, as well as in the toll booth of San Miguel of the Tijuana-Ensenada highway.

In response, the City Council has already begun XXI reviewing circulation in municipal roads and by Federal Roads and Bridges Access is not yet public knowledge of a reply.


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    Watching traffic negotiating roundabouts on Highway 1 through Ensenada would be a great spectator sport, complete with beer and taco carts. We could cheer for our favorite teams…El Sauzal; Centro; Chapultepec and Maneadero. team hat and T-shirt sales would be a bonus.

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