Best Breakfast in the World

LONDON, UNITED Kingdom.- On Sunday 31 May, the restaurant ‘La Cocina de Doña Esthela’ located in the Valle de Guadalupe, was named by the world – famous page application, FoodieHub as ‘The Best Breakfast in the World’. This award was given during the third annual ceremony of the organization, which was held at the acclaimed restaurant, St. John Bread & Wine in London. Chef Martin Morales was honored to present the recognition, this being accepted instead of Doña Esthela by Nicholas Gilman created the Good Food page in the city of Mexico.

FoodieHub is the social network for experts from the world’s largest, representing more than 150 cities worldwide local food. Collectively, these experts have recommended, eaten, photographed, documented and cataloged more than 4,000 individual dishes and food destinations, which can be found on the page and the mobile application. This organization is hosting various ceremonies both global and regional annual awards to recognize the best of the best in the categories of culinary destinations.

“It’s not easy to pick the winners through so many nominations,” mentions FoodieHub CEO, Jeffrey Merrihue. “Our methodology is similar to that of other food prizes where local experts nominated after an article to be tested by a central team within a rotating base.”

As a whole FoodieHub expert Guadalupe Valley, W.Scott Koenig (author of the note), I was honored to nominate La Cocina de Doña Esthela for the award this year. Months before the nomination, Koenig visited the restaurant and enjoy the famous Doña macha with eggs Esthela, as well as Degusto cornbread and a taste of sausage with eggs.


La Cocina de Doña Esthela was discovered by a hungry cast of soap opera that was filming near the Hacienda La Lomita few years ago. Voice over delicious breakfast spread like wildfire and since then every weekend, the tables have been filled with hungry tourists from the Baja and Southern California.

Besides his talent to prepare typical dishes from the north, Doña Esthela has a strong attitude and ethic of ‘if you can’, as it turned this rustic restaurant at home as the business grew. And a ramshackle place full of beautiful plants, as are all the best places in Baja California, provides a glimpse at how is the family of Doña Esthela right in the middle of the city of wine.

Without doubt, Doña Esthela is the heart of the restaurant. It is constant, warm, always smiling and welcoming. To talk to her while serving a large basket of freshly baked bread, we shared some of these delicacies for us to take her home once we said goodbye.

Here we leave a description of the acclaimed crushes Doña Esthela written in FoodieHub:

The crushing of Doña Esthela this seasoned with serrano chilies, bell pepper and garlic, stirred with fresh eggs from his farm this dish is delicious served with refried beans. His home, big and thin and crumbly cheese omelets are offered with each breakfast.

The category of The Best Breakfast in the World included nominations from such diverse cities as Baltimore, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Orleans, Orange County and Tokyo, which shows the extent of FoodieHub and gives validation to the increasing popularity of the kitchen and Guadalupe Valley chefs.

La Cocina de Doña Esthela is located in Rancho San Marcos El Porvenir. For the No. 1 road north, turn right on the dirt road and follow the signage to Hacienda La Lomita.

Number: 646 156 8453 Facebook: La Cocina de Doña Esthela

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