Uber War Ensenada

Despite the recommendation issued by Municipal receivership in mid-July, during the resumed yesterday afternoon assurance operating mobile units, operators made against private transport service Uber.
At least four vehicles were intercepted by personnel of the Municipal Transport Unit (UMT), in coordination with Municipal Transit agents in this port, mainly in streets of the downtown area.
It was around 12:00 pm when officials XXI City of Ensenada seized one of the cars, on Boulevard Costero and Rotary Club Street, opposite the Social Centre, Civic, Cultural Riviera.
Through social networks, one of those affected, as well as citizens who went through the site, they spread that the detention of the cars was arbitrary, while other protesters expressed support for the particular service, compared with public transport.
As announced by chance, on 9 July the UMT staff and municipal officers conducted an operation in the city, with that left at least 10 Uber drivers without their units.
By securing vehicles and sanctions, private service providers demonstrated twice in the premises of the Municipal Transport Unit, for operations carried out against them.
Following 15 complaints received in just two days, the trustee city attorney, Ivan Ochoa Barbosa, recommended that City Council officials temporarily suspend XXI seizures, while the legality of the actions carried out on drivers is clarified.
In addition, during the afternoon yesterday carried out several attempts to contact the director of the UMT, José Felipe Romero Guzman, without receiving any response.
It should be noted that such actions were implemented again at the weekend, this time in the development schedule of the Harvest Festival, days it seems more out of the ground to competition, that compliance with the municipal ordinance.


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