More Ensenada Water Shortages

Ensenada, BC- Due to failure in one of its new Mission in the Aqueduct pumps, the State Public Service Commission of Ensenada, under the direction of Carlos Loyola Peterson, reported this day that low pressure and lack of water will be recorded in the Ensenada.

Report that the fault is in one of the 3 pumps operating in that aqueduct, the pump is new, it is guaranteed and make it valid.

This is a team of 900 horsepower allegedly pumped 150 liters per second to the urban area, representing 20% of all water consumed in this city.

They noted that the Morelos tanks, the largest in the city, have low levels of water, and the water that reaches them is not enough to be stored and causes lack of the vital liquid especially at high altitudes.

Photography: Courtesy / CESPE


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