Sabina Restaurant

Due to the demand from their customers for more space and variety in drinks, it was developed the concept of “Sabina restaurant in the Guerrerense” which will keep the style and quality of the cart located in the center of the port of Ensenada area.

The new store is located just meters from the popular toast site in Plaza Blanca, and open from Wednesday to Monday from 9:00 to 18:00, while closed on Thursdays and Saturdays at 22:00.

Mariana Oviedo, general manager, said yesterday during preinaguración El Vigia that the intention is to show how taste the dishes prepared in the wagon, but now at a specified location.

“People were you asking us. They asked for beer, wine and a place to sit. We decided to thinking about all of them. It was achieved thanks to the support of Inadem (National Institute Entrepreneur) that support SMEs me accepted this project.

wide range

“He also supported Sedeco that this could give The wagon will keep in place. Only they will have no choice in this same restaurant will be able to find everything from the road but other than a hot rod, fish tacos. , shrimp, octopus, shrimp cream ranch, seafood pozole and sour cream bread with clam “, he said.

He noted that on Thursday and Saturday will be called “Pozole Guerrerense” which is white or green, pork, and served with pork, boiled egg, avocado, lemon, onions, sardines and potato tacos.

The CEO noted that will have an open kitchen, to keep the essence of touch with people and to see how the dishes are prepared how.

“Also every so often you’ll be inviting a chef friend to see the magic that make this kitchen together with my mom (Sabina Bandera). This is the whole concept that this restaurant brings” he said.

Oviedo said that prices remain inside the restaurant, but will now have the option of beer and house wine, of which the second is being prepared by Hugo D’Acosta, plus other options.

Sabina Bandera was pleased with the restaurant and the response from people.

“I feel very happy life, all reality. Thanks to Inadem, Sedeco and the State for all that have helped us,” he said.

The preinaguración family and friends attended, along with renowned chefs; the atmosphere was set to music by Trio Los Panchos.

Sabina restaurant in the Guerrerense
Avenida Lopez Mateos 917
Local 8, 9 and 10
Plaza Blanca
Formal inauguration: Saturday 6th, at 11:00.



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