Tijuana Border Crossing Report


Saturday southbound border traffic from San Ysidro to Tijuana was backed up approx 1/4 mile north of the I-5 underpass on 805.  For a moment, I thought about exiting and heading over to Otay.  This was at 10AM Saturday.

FYI, a good friend warned me to get across by 8AM-ish or risk hell on earth in traffic.  But, I had some serious shoe shopping to delay me.

Hunkered down into right lane on 805 and that proved to be lucky.  My guesstimate of 45min-1hour wait was not close as I was through and onto the El Chaparral horsehoe bridge in 20 minutes.


But, whotheheck are all of these people and where are they going in Baja?  Great news was that once past the El Chaparral inspection station, traffic flowed nicely on Av Internacional to Playas.

That overpass, on Av Internacional, just past the horseshoe bridge, that created the detour this spring, is progressing nicely.

The three toll booths at Tijuana Playas, Rosarito and Ensenada were backed up to approx 15 cars.  This is my first Saturday south crossing in a while, but, this is as crowded as I have ever seen the toll booths.

BTW, what is the new metal structure over the Toll Road at Popotla?  Is that simply a pedestrian bridge or is it another toll collection structure???

Beaches at La Mision were full just before noon.  There were plenty of overnight rigs, tents and others enjoying 80F degrees.

Looks like El Mirador, K84, has some more vendors with food and stuff for sale.  Will need to inspect next trip when I have more time.  There were plenty of cars and people checking out the scene and world class view to the south.  I did not stop, as my couch had been missing me.

Ensenada taco stands, restaurants and beaches were packed.  Stopped into the Modelo Agencia on Reforma to refresh my case of Pacifico Ballenas.  2 tour buses were there with gringos offloaded to buy snacks at that store.  Business was berry good.  One bus was headed to the blowhole.


Holding pesos is my norm, but, travel had me scrambling with only gringo dolares.  Only got 16:1 tipo de cambio at the beer store.  That poor planning likely cost me the equivalent of a taco, ouch.


Highway 1 pet peeve here:  Why the heck can’t they figger out the short signal traffic lights on the approach to Maneadero?  OK, I get it that there are workers on the side roads needing to commute, so shorter signals during morning and evening rush hours are understood.  WTF?

The signal at the new Pemex, north of Baja Country Club,and the signal at the truck dealer, south of BCC, short signal Hwy 1 traffic to approx 15 -20 vehicles max north and southbound.  Those two semaforos(red dots on map above) showed nearly no traffic from cross roads this Saturday.  This is Mexico Frickin Highway Numero UNO, not some goat farm podunk hayseed dirt rut, right?


As I got into Punta Banda Saturday, noticed plenty of traffic, but, forgot to look for the Punta Banda off-road race action.  ANYONE have a report on the race?

After traveling through 14 airports and 7 different beds in 13 days, my couch was plenty comfy.

Went from 97F in Florida to 78F here with plenty of social media comments on how hot Ensenada is.  For some reason, I’m in the mood for some chili.





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