Gasoline 14mnp per Liter

Ensenada, BC- With an increase of 56 cents per liter on gasoline Magna, start August, 44 cents premium cost, while diesel recorded an increase of 21 cents after it was kept unchanged in the past months.

With this new rise, the maximum prices of Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline will be 13.96, 14.81 and 13.98 pesos per liter, respectively, after the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) announced Thursday the increase in fuel .

Just last month, an increase of 24 cents in the Constitution and 34 cents in the premium was recorded; representing increases 4.2% 3.1% and.

Compared to the costs in August last year, prices for August 2016 will be higher by 3% in the case of both gasoline while diesel prices will be lower at 1.5%.

By 2016 the Congress approved the maximum fuel prices in the country could move with their international references, but only within a band whose central value is the price observed in 2015 plus and minus 3%.

The federal government again to justify the increases:

The maximum increase in fuel prices during the month of August is due to the upturn in international references paralos fuel prices, reflecting the recent recovery in oil prices.

It is recalled that prices are set by the SHCP maximum, so gas stations can sell at a lower cost.


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  1. Juan del Norte
    Posted July 30, 2016 at 10:47 | Permalink | Reply

    Here in Denver, Regular at Costco, the cheapest outlet in town dropped another 2cents to $1.81/gallon today.

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