Tijuana Ped West Quality Control



TIJUANA BC JULY 23, 2016 (AFN) .- The president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) of Tijuana, Gilberto Leyva Camacho, said that the new pedestrian crossing from Tijuana to San Diego known as “Pedwest” is “a fraud “and you should thoroughly investigate why so much money spent on the installation of some sheets and bars, considering that it is illogical spending 25 million pesos” to make a mess “.

“It is a mockery for tijuanenses we are connecting with the world’s richest country, and they are doing a bridge, but is temporary does not matter, it must be done well and with more reason to do better when it is final,” he said in interview.

He said that in the first instance, the federal government must respond to such work, as well as the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the Secretariat of the Comptroller must thoroughly review how and invested resources were spent.

He added that the need to cross citizen is very strong and can not quit because of business issues, so continue to do so at the risk that they might have a problem, so he asked the public to be informed before such work.

Camacho Leyva said that this is because solving immediately, because at the time, yet people are unaware of the bridge but when there is greater flow is worrying what might happen.

“We have to find a way that people also feel safe, because it is along the section that should go,” he said.

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