Ped West San Ysidro Problems

Mexican poor pedestrian crossing

General information
by AFN.
TIJUANA BC JULY 14, 2016 (AFN) .- A day before the opening of the new border pedestrian crossing “Ped West” the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of San Ysidro, Jason Wells and Deputy Amador Rodriguez, criticized after a tour of the area on the Mexican side, the fragile bridge infrastructure.

Wells toured with federal legislators to be witnesses of the conditions under which will operate the new crossing, and to provide the necessary resources for an immediate improvement, since it is estimated that it will cross daily over five thousand people.

“For the position right now is that they will, but within two years, and can not survive for two years with this scaffold put,” said the director of the Chamber of Commerce, who considered a risk transit through the area.

He reported that this space is currently used only for returnees, and now the project also includes the crosswalk going to or returning from the United States for various issues giving use to the ground floor that was previously disabled.

He noted that he and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development (Sidu) had proposed years ago this project and had set delivery date, which said it would not be acceptable to them today say that the bridge is in these conditions due to lack resource.

“They say it’s for lack of resources, computers, personal, but I think people thinking here I cross (Mexico) I can find a way to get the necessary computers,” said Wells to the media.

Meanwhile the legislature Amador Rodriguez, said the disadvantages of the pedestrian because the area lacks security, plus the section does not have disabled access and toilets, as to the sheets placed on the bridge, they may not bear the weight of the thousands of people who will use it.

As deputies said, we can only make a warrant for that within a short time to improve this new crossing and thus avoid risks, he said they are aware that the issue is not of Finance, but corresponding itself will ensure safety users.

Bajadock: I have never traversed SY as pedestrian.  Looks to be approx 1/2 mile hike northbound to get to trolley.  Hope to hear from more ped crossers in the “improvements” here.


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