Ensenada Fumigation


State Government announced that will be fumigated and misting various colonies of Ensenada, in order to combat the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. Through a statement, the Ministry of Health of Baja California, reported that spraying will be performed at night, because it is precisely when night falls the insect is activated to feed, and represents the opportunity for teams to perform fogging and spraying to combat it.

Program responsible Vectors and Rickettsial Jurisdiction Health Services in Ensenada, Sonia Flores Velazco, calls on citizens to be vigilant to step fogging units and are to be protected from this disease transmitting mosquito. Asked residents to keep doors and windows open, once the units are fumigating in their colonies, thus achieved the chemical enter homes and eliminate the vector in the interiors. He stressed that this insecticide is authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO), so people can rest assured that this substance is not harmful and does not represent any risk to the health of people. Among the preventive measures recommended to keep clean patios and avoid having containers filled with water without being properly covered and sealed.

Bajadock: This expert can clearly confirm that the chemical fog is no problem for you and your family’s health.  


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