Black Market Fish Problems

In addition to the closure of 40 percent of local seafood market, sales have decreased in high season about 60 percent, by factors such as lack of parking and the closure of roads during mass events, said Manuel Jasso, president of tenants of the shopping area.

During his address to members of the group Forum Ensenada, BC, he said that its only access is a street that is in charge of the Port Authority (API).

He argued that makes about five years sold two to three tons of marine products in the call Week, but now just recorded an average of 400 kilograms per location.

Coupled with this, he said that the cost of some species increased to 100 percent, and also face the closure of others.

This, he said, contributes to the increase of fish, and therefore the decline in sales.

Manuel Jaso lamented the disinterest of the authorities to support the also called “Black Market”, although it is considered one of the main tourist attractions of the state.

At the same time he lamented the lack of commitment of Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, who promised to support the consolidation of a market “first world”, for which it would manage the amount of 30 million pesos.

“All candidates begin their campaigns there, and do not come back,” he explained.

The president of the umbrella organization of 52 tenants, said that about 700 families depend on the activities undertaken in the seafood market.

He also locatario said that in the coming days will hold a meeting with the CEO of API, Hector Bautista Mejia, with whom different points will be touched, such as the construction of a decorative arches which will improve much public image, but , considered, affect visitor entrance area.

The trader also referred to the recently implemented for the shark, pismo clam, and verdillo as it is commercial species and this prohibition generates a drop in marketing bans.


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