Restaurant Health Inspection

Bajadock: recent experience by friend shared on this post.  Reason they visited this restaurant was on my recommendation as “the best breakfast on north side of Ensenada”.  2015 post praising Hacienda del Corralito.  Maybe the spray keep the eggs slightly runny, like I like ’em?

What an incredible place with the best coffee in Ensenada.  Our waiter was amazing.  The ambiance was perfect for a quiet and relaxing breakfast.  Quite a contrast inside to the main highway outside and the Pemex next door.

I snapped a photo of xxxxx and sent it to you.   We are seated next to the well water feature in line with the front door. I was about a quarter through my first coffee – settling in.

I see a guy at the front door with a tank strapped to his back and a wand in his hand.  I’m thinking “no.  He isn’t”.  Yes, he did.   He started spraying the entrance of the restaurant and other nearby areas with what was clearly an insecticide base in the malathion-like smell.  The brown liquid in the tank suggested he went super strength.  The ocean breeze carried the spray directly to my nostrils.  I didn’t want it to end, but I instantly knew it would.  I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt.  Then…

The exterminator proceeded into the kitchen while pumping the tank and taking aim with his wand.

I told xxxxx that we had to go, both of us feeling a bit nauseous.

I handed the waiter 20 pesos and said “the chemicals are too strong”.   They were cooking our meals which never had a chance to make it to our table.

The four other tables with people appeared to be oblivious.  Weak and spoiled Americanos…

Next time, when it’s not extermination day.

(Beware, they have no problem spraying malathion in an operating kitchen.  What must they do when we aren’t watching?)


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  1. Posted July 12, 2016 at 16:41 | Permalink | Reply

    When you are not watching, probably they are cooking dogs for your tacos.


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