Electricity Price Increase


Ensenada, BC- ( With information bulletin ) The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) through a press release said that day that will be affected by increases in electricity rates the industrial sector, the commercial sector, and domestic only those with high consumption (DAC) sector.

Report that home users who are within the range of high consumption accounted for 3.43%, and these will be reflected who will see an increase of 6.8%.

The rates for the industrial sector increase from July 2016 compared to July 2015, between 2% and 5%.

The commercial sector will increase between 5% and 7%.

The rate of household guzzling (DAC) recorded an increase of 6.8% over the same month last year.

The CFE ensures that not affected the 96.57% of domestic users (ie 164 000 352 domestic users in the town of Ensenada), which are not within the high consumption rate (at least while stay there). The electricity tariff for the domestic sector consumption will remain low at 2% below the force in December 2015.

Also report that this tariff adjustment in July is related to increases in prices of fuels to generate electricity, registered in June 2016 compared to May 2016.

Some additional data from the CFE:

Domestic rate
in the Ensenada area there is a total of 164 thousand 352 contracted domestic consumption and low rate representing 96.57% of those users have no change. Additionally , and for the second consecutive year instead of rising four percent, as it did every year between 2006 and 2014, domestic saving rate has dropped in 2015 by 2% and now in 2016 another 2%.

DAC rate
Regarding the DAC (Domestic guzzling) rate there are 5 000 839 users representing 3.43% in the municipality Ensenada, who recorded an increase of 6.8% in July of this year compared to the same month 2015.

Industrial rate
had driven down 18 consecutive months where the electricity tariff for the industrial sector, which means that for the first time in 19 months will have to adjust the industrial rate between 2% and 5%.

However, if we value the industrial tariffs of Mexico for the last 19 months and then contrast the rate in December 2014 we have now in July 2016 is now cheaper by between 19% and 30%

Commercial rate
Regarding the commercial sector in the same period the increase is between 5 and 7%.

The tariff adjustment in July is related to increases in prices of fuels to generate electricity registered in June 2016 compared to May 2016.

In this regard, in June 2016 the price of fuel oil recorded an increase of 8.4% over the previous month.

Meanwhile, the price of natural gas to CFE buys PEMEX to generate electricity, it increased 18% in June 2016 compared to May 2016.

It is noteworthy that these prices are those used by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to calculate electricity tariffs.

Despite increases in the prices of these energy, natural gas fuel remains 60% cheaper than fuel oil, and friendlier to the environment.



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