Alternative Highway 1


Bajadock’s guess as to routing of alternate road in green.  The alternate road has been in discussion/planning stage ever since December 28, 2013 Highway 1 collapse.

The construction of the Tijuana-Ensenada highway alternates will be a priority for the next municipal government, as the municipality can not stay in solitary confinement again as happened with the collapse of kilometer 93 of the Scenic Road, said the mayor-elect Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna.

After attending the weekly meeting of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada, Novelo Osuna and the president of CCE, Marco Antonio Coronado Valenzuela, offered a press conference in which they discussed the issues discussed at the meeting.

The elected mayor noted that the main issues were the alternate highway, water supply to Ensenada, continued ridding El Sauzal-Maneadero and regulatory improvement.

He announced that next Thursday will have a meeting with the delegate of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira, and although it is known that there is already the executive project of the alternate highway will be asked to be given continuity to define amounts and start dates that work.

He said that already held meetings with Mayor Gilberto Hirata, to start the transition process and announced that government is already working on the design of a financial re-engineering of the City.

A direct question about the statement by Omar García Arambula, independent ex-candidate for mayor, that would create a civil organization to monitor the performance of the next administration, Novelo Osuna said that not only García Arambula, but any citizen can know the XXII work of the council.


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