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8:53 a.m.
Saturday, July 2, 2016

irregular and insecurity shaking the medical tourism clinics Baja California

By Juan Manuel Torres

diariomonitor @ hotmail

Health tourism in Baja California received a new blow via the Federal Commission for the Protection from Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) dependence informed that until June 10 were closed down 26 establishments linked to cosmetic surgery.

After the death of the young Australian Eva Nicole Sarmonikas last year, after undergoing in Mexicali liposuction of the abdomen and buttocks, Cofepris strengthened inspections and this is the result, which shows that the state authority and the Medical Cluster that Carlo leads Bonfante Gallego, son Sedeco manager, have done nothing to curb the growth of charlatans who seek rich at the expense of the trust they have deposited especially foreign nationals to be addressed in Baja California.

In fact it is recalled that the State Attorney has documented 22 deaths due to medical negligence.

Meanwhile, according to the business Cofepris of the 26 suspended, 17 were in Tijuana, Mexicali 6 and 3 in Ensenada, only in the span of just five months.

In the case of Mexicali few days ago it was reported that the so-called Medical District of the state capital is become the most insecure area of the city and now this fact that gives a severe blow to which is one of the latest standards known economic state after it was moved from the aerospace and automotive sectors by El Bajio.

It added that in a program of Benjamin Garza in his Metropolis program, dealed and their guests concluded that some of the inhibitors for this sector are greater involvement of governments, insecurity, improve urban image, cleaner and search a better positioning in the growing national and international competition.

Meanwhile, since last year the main irregularities are found COFEPRIS: Indoor intensive therapy: drugs and medical devices obsolete, equipment maintenance, lack of central nurses and lack of filtered air system.

In operating rooms: no delimitation of strategic areas, insufficient medical equipment, the delivery room is adjacent to a surgical suite and recovery area patients without physical division.

Also, inspectors detected improper handling of Biological Infectious Hazardous Waste (RPBI), the medical staff has not established full documents, such as certificates and professional degrees.

The health authority who reiterated the recommendations are to be practiced plastic and cosmetic surgery: Verify that you have health license issued by Cofepris; Check that notice be operating; You have responsible health check; Verify that the doctor is certified and display the view title and professional certificate as a specialist in the field; and Verify that has a health care protocol.

We’ll see if finally take actions to rescue the sector where BC is still competitive, but faces brutal competition in the country and abroad both in quality and price. Aguas!


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