Panic Button

The safety device will also serve to deter crime within establishments.

Bajadock: In the smartphone era, imagine the restaurant server introducing the food and beverage specials of the evening.  “Tonight, we have an apple-garlic infused pork belly, grilled and garnished with organic brussel sprouts and slathered with a mushroom marsala wine sauce.  If your meal or service is not satisfactory, or if you are threatened or wounded by a criminal, please walk over to our panic button, found on the wall by the restroom and depress it to alert emergency services.  Now, would you like to begin with a refreshing beverage?”.

Restaurant review: Has full bar, LGBT? restroom, children’s menu, wifi, accepts credit cards and panic button is installed and works occasionally.


To inhibit the crime and receive timely attention of the police authorities, Ensenada restaurants, will have a “panic button,” the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (Canirac).

Leonardo Gonzalez said some days ago started with the placement of this mechanism, the result of the approaches they had with the Ministry of State Security (SSPE).

He explained that for its operation requires an internet line and when pressed would be about three minutes to get the attention of the police forces.

Canirac president noted that the buttons are not hidden because, in addition to its operation, the idea is to also be a mechanism of persuasion.

He said that all members of Canirac can have this benefit.

“In talks with Secretary of State Public Security, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, outlined the issue of insecurity, and although it is accentuated in towns like Tijuana and Mexicali, that does not mean that in Ensenada does not happen, although the incidence is lower, “he said.

Business by business

Leonardo Gonzalez mentioned that the installation is doing business by business and in an approximate two months period will be concluded with the delivery and putting into operation.

“There is a binomial between our need and understanding and willingness of the authorities to address the municipal public security has been approaches and we have discussed safety devices available and prevention efforts,” he said.


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