Barra Azul Ensenada


foto por Masa Assassin

Friends and I were needing some food after the Ensenada All Star baseball game on Saturday 28 May.  My brain cells were not sparking well as I thought about what eateries were open at 10PM.  Tacos?  Not in that mood and preferred a proper seat.

Lucky us, Barra Azul, just around the corner from the stadium, popped into my tired mind.  This restaurant reminds me of a spot frequented by my college professors.  It is small, a bit dark and straightforward with comfy decor and simple menu.


Full bar and free wifi is available at Barra Azul.  Meet and greet was warm, welcome and bilingual.  We even got the Gringo menus!


I got the sea bass in mushroom, garlic and cilantro salsa on rice.  Fish was steaky and moist.  All of their fish filets can be served with a variety of approx 5 different sauces.


Our driver ordered the shrimp burritos.  They tasted much better than the presentation.  But, Barra Azul isn’t the kind of restaurant with lots of swirlies, glitter and vegetable origami.


She ordered the fish rice, our catch of the night.  This combo of lightly seasoned rice, sesami, seafood and veggies was fabulous.


Giving Barra Azul 4.5 out of 5 Wusthof fish filleting knives for delicious food, comfortable dining and friendly service.  Hasta Pronto, B.A!.

Yes, Barra Azul is not exactly in your walking path near the tourist district of Ensenada.  But, for solid seafood dishes, it is as good as you will find in Ensenada.  Calle Once(11th) and Espinoza, 646 178 4846.

Take either Castillo or Espinoza inland to Once or Reforma to Once at North Ensenada Walmart.






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  1. Posted June 12, 2016 at 08:11 | Permalink | Reply

    also one of the few places open on Mondays 🙂 my pal, Luis Garcia is the chef and the ostiones tempura are a MUST ORDER menu item, in fact, get 2 orders!

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