Avocado Price Hike


Bajadock: Love avocados.  Even with them bumping toward $2USD per pound, with nearly half of the weight in skin and nut, I’m good with the flavor/nutrition value.


Although there is no climatological or health reason, the price of avocado, exceeded the 50 pesos and even in some businesses up to 60 pesos per kilo.

According to the Head of the Irrigation District 001 Fernando Sanchez Galicia, Baja California does not grow this fruit, which is brought from the producing states, mainly Michoacan.

One of the factors that could affect the rise, is the announcement of the opening of the US market this product from any producing state which opened other opportunities to Mexican avocado trees.

In this trade liberalization, he added that the main producer concluded before the harvest and the scarcity prevails the law of supply and demand.

There are no precise when it could reduce the price of this product data, however the output of crops other entities, could result in the following weeks a reduction in the market value by competing directly with avocado production in the State of California.

The increase has affected taco shops, restaurants, torterías and housewives who have had to do without it.



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