La Bufadora Tequila Grill Brunch


My guest and I enjoyed La Bufadora Tequila Grill’s Sunday brunch with gusto today.  New kitchen and service team are working very hard to please.


I started with yogurt, fruit and granola.  Plenty of fruit, yogurt, bread and cereal choices were available.


In the hot section were chicken, menudo, gravy, hot cakes, veggies, beans, pork and eggs in verde salsa.


Ommys ready to roll.


Sweet treat were available if you have enough room.


Spicy mary added for a kick in the morning.


Veggies and salsas provide a balance for your indulgences.

In my 9 years here, this was my first visit to La Bufadora Tequila Grill on a Sunday morning.  Will repeat often for the quality of flavors, presentation and care.



One Comment

  1. Juan del Norte
    Posted June 5, 2016 at 09:39 | Permalink | Reply

    Se ve fabuloso

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