Tijuana Border Southbound Detour


Just crossed south at Tijuana for Taco Tuesday, 31 May.  Clicked a couple of pix to show the signs leading you to PLAYAS, SCENIC ROAD, ROSARITO, ENSENADA.

First issue is getting through the crunch of 12-20 lanes of traffic narrowing to only THREE lanes after the inspection booths.  I usually cross south during rush hour and yesterday was a crawl with a 20 minute line to move 1/4 mile.

On above map, after TJ border inspection booths, get left lane and climb ramp to CENTRO(1).  This is due to the normal bridge(red line) being closed.


As you climb ramp and curve right, you will see this sign.


Next, you will see this orange and black DETOUR sign.  MY logic says this sign is pointing you LEFT.  NO NO NO WRONG WRONG WRONG.  Take the first RIGHT.


Just take above ramp to get to the SCENIC ROAD(TOLL ROAD) on the coast for your Baja attitude adjustment.



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    Nice post 🙂

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