Mantou Restaurant


Paid our first visit to Mantou Beer Garden and Restaurant in Ensenada last night. Please don’t be distracted by the gated/guarded entry on Av Lopes Mateos(map down below).  This place is less than one year old and is a special find eatery.


Once inside the gate, parking is plentiful and spacious.  Enter the restaurant at the garden that spills into a cozy bar.  Meet and great was friendly and we had our choice of tables out in the garden this early Saturday evening.


Margies were rolling and suggestions from the menu were upon us.  We were a bit undecided about dining heavily at this point and chose the oysters and ceviche for starters.


Sweet Kumamota oysters in a housemade vinegar sauce were fun.  We ordered more.


Bluefin tuna with chunky veggies and guacamole was served in a molcajete bowl.  My lifelong fisherman friend, much more experienced than I in all matters of swimming foods, declared that he had never experienced bluefin ceviche before.  This presentation was as good as the flavors.


Chef and owner Omar came out to chat with us about his food education in Europe, China and New York.  He also let us know about his guest brewer and an entire lamb that was grilling as a special event tonight.

Based upon the appetizer quality, we were very tempted to stick here and stuff ourselves.

DJ was spinning some fun 80s rock from both sides of the border.

Added the Honey Pale Ale and Oatmeal Stout to our beverage rotation while taking in the scene of diners beginning to fill in the spacious garden.



Chef Omar could not have been more helpful and friendly in telling us about his love affair with food.  When my beer geek friend pressed Omar about the beer details, Omar:”Let me bring the brewer here to explain!”.

Team Distrito Barra Publico , beer brewer Minoru Nomura and his assistant were at Mantou this evening for the grilled lamb special event.

Minoru spent at least 15 minutes with us explaining his experience, his recipes and his beer preferences.  Distrito Barra Publico is on GAStelum, one block inland from the Ens downtown entry Pemex GAS station.

We were very satisfied with the food and beverages.  Tickets to the baseball game tonight prevented us from staying longer and gorging our stomachs with the lamb special.

Hasta pronto Mantou and Distrito Barra Publico.  Thanks to you and your teams for the entertainment and fun.


Bajadock’s MANTOU gourmet rating:  4.5 Chinese steamed buns out of 5!

Mantou Facebook page


Click above map or our Ensenada+Wine Valley Interactive Map for details, links and more fun in these areas.




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