da Toni Restaurant Ensenada


Enjoyed our first visit to the highly recommended “da Toni” restaurant Saturday.  Toni himself greeted us outside and helped us into the tiny dining room that may seat a total of 20 diners on a squeeze.


Toni described each one of the 15 menu items for us.  I like chalkboard menus, but, some guests’ vision can be a problem.  Those chalk “specials” plus the printed menu offerings made it a bit overwhelming.  I’m a fan of menu offerings totaling less than 20 appetizers and entrees. But, the offerings were an amazing collection.


Within a few minutes of our decision-making, Desenya(?ok, I know I have botched her name) was pouring our Victorias(only beer available) and Montefiori “house” wine.  Appetizers and salad starters are always a clue as to how the meal is going to progress.  Above evidence shows care and attention.


Sea urchin pasta volcano


Cow cheek ravioli




Antipasto platter

Aromas, flavors and presentation demonstrated Toni and team love of food. We enjoyed sharing all.  At approx 150-200 pesos per plate, order several and pass them around for your food adventurers.




We will be back here to explore more of this homey atmosphere + heightened cuisine restaurant.  Located on Riveroll, between 1st(Lopez Mateos) and 2nd.

Rating?  4 out of 5 basil leaves

da Toni Facebook page   hours 2-9/10pm, closed Tuesday    646 113 4338


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