Ensenada Crab Invasion


ElVigia  Ensenada, BC – The stranding of red langostilla in different parts of the port of Ensenada is due to a phenomenon of upwelling and is not related to any contamination, informed the press Alfonso Blancafort Camarena, delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Resources Naturales (Semarnat).
The officer referred him about the phenomenon detected on Fridays and Saturdays, first in the delegation of El Sauzal, and later in the area of Estero Beach.
On the amount of stranded crustaceans, he explained that not yet have a tonnage figure because that is a job for the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa). “The stranding of red shrimp is a natural event that occurs on the coast of southern California and Baja California. This natural phenomenon occurs due to upwelling (de) cold water, emerging to the surface from the deep zones, dragging these crustaceans deep red.
“The California Current in the northern hemisphere is a mass of cold water coming down from Alaska to the south, similar to the current Chile and Peru, (which is a) stream of cold water rising from south to north, where also stranding similar event langostilla it presents, “he said.  Blancafort Camarena explained that with upwellings, the water emerges from between 100 and 200 meters deep, and can occur anywhere in the ocean; It may be the northwest and southwest Africa, California, Chile and Peru.
According to a study by the National Fisheries Institute, called “Sustainability and Responsible Fisheries in Mexico” red langostilla is a crustacean of great ecological importance, and is prey tuna, mackerel, sea turtles and whales.
This animal can get different products commercially important as chitin, pigments, enzymes or flour, all useful in the food, pharmaceutical or plastic, even come to be consumed directly as human food.

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