Ensenada Glass Bottom Boat


foto por Bajadock

Our intrcepid reporters on Punta Banda. Juan y Ana del Norte, caught these top secret photos of Ensenada’s Glass Bottom Boat being towed into position near the Ensenada bay tuna farms.

We first reported on Acuario Oceanico(aka Glass Bottom Boat) in October 2014.


foto por Bajadock

Ubpdated the story on this portable aquarium 2 weeks ago.  Apparently, the plan to “swim with the tuna” is approaching opening day.

Will they have cabana girls serving our favorite beverages to pair with the fresh blue fin sashimi? And will they have male, female and ? bathroom facilities to accommodate gender preference and/or gender confusion?



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  1. Gabriel Ben-Or
    Posted May 14, 2016 at 10:28 | Permalink | Reply

    Yo, Doc! This venture gives new meaning to the word, “chutzpah”: Not only is this fish farm venture not trying to hide their crime of ruining Ensenada Bay by placing approximately 62 tuna pens in close proximity to each other inside the bay where the current pushes the fish waste, and inevitable diseases, into the rest of the bay, where the dead dolphins and sea lions who were shot by the fishermen wash up regularly onto the beach, and where their fishing boats do netting at night with bright lights to attract the bait that will feed the tuna thereby completely ruining the abundant sport fishing that used to be done in the bay. Nor the fact that this enterprise does not benefit the local economy aside from the few hired Mexican workers, the likely reality that few if any local taxes are paid, and that there is likely no environmental oversight, that apparently no shame is felt by the owner as he sends the processed tuna to Japan so that the locals do not even get to enjoy the fresh tuna. I wonder if the happy tourists that swim with the doomed tuna realise that just a few hundred yards away on another ship, they are “processing” the tuna that ther tourists swam with yesterday! Will these “ecotourists” also get to swim in the swill created by the tuna processing that is poured directly into the bay water, which then gets to circulate around the pens on its way to poison the rest of the bay? So, not only are they not hiding the crime, the owners want to make even more money by making it a tourist attraction! Personally, I am glad they are doing this so that people can see this environmental disaster close up and perhaps be shocked that this travesty is taking place and thereby initiate some action to stop or properly regulate this industry. Yes, what fun! Let’s pay to go swimming in the midst of thousands of tuna pooping in our faces! PT Barnum would be proud!

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