I-5 to Tijuana Traffic Tricksters


# TrampososAlVolante

These cheats drivers engaged in illegal maneuvers to get to the line at the border crossing to Tijuana by San Ysidro, should be aware of the consequences. Here the special report “clandestine Shortcuts”.

Bajadock: When I am crossing south into Tijuana from San Ysidro, I’m usually pooped from a weekend of fun or a long day of shopping and traffic.  Though the traffic jam at this choke point can be 30 minutes, within 15 minutes after, I will be cruising along the Pacific coastline. 

I don’t even bother worrying about the idiots racing by on the left/right margins and cutting in.  Prefer to save my energy for señoritas, cervezas and sunsets.

Take it easy Baja travelers.  Gracias Rafael S/Talk Baja.



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