Ensenada Saturday Traffic Crunch


Saturday, May 7, is the day to avoid coming to Ensenada.  The Rosarito to Ensenada Bicycle Ride will close coastal hwy 1, from Ens toll booth to downtown to 2 lanes only.  Add the crunch of cross traffic entering this area plus 8,000 bicyclists and you will be in for a long time sitting in your vehicle.  10AM – 5PM Saturday, ouch.

Costero Blvd in north section of centro Ensenada will be completely closed. The Free Road from La Mision will be closed.


“Oh, c’mon, Doc, how bad can 4 lanes down to 2 lanes on coastal hwy 1 be?”.  Well, Gidget, above photo is poor quality, but does show southbound traffic on Scenic/Toll Road backed up 1 mile approaching the Ens toll booth duringc 2013 Ros-Ens ride.



If your schedule conflicts, taking hwy 3(from Tecate) to Libramiento(the unfinished, but paved beltway) to Av Ruiz downtown is an option.

Rosarito?  From approx 8AM until Noon, downtown Rosey will be full of traffic and Tour de France wannabee fashion show.



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