Scenic Road Construction Rosarito

Bajadock:  AFN article is weak on details and perhaps they don’t have them to report.  Careful through this area, as it seems new detours/cones coming next few weeks.  Above AFN photo indicates new detour, approaching the big bend west on Scenic Road.  Following are 2 maps and 1 photo highlighting the major highway construction that has been happening approx past 8 months at Scenic Road/Free Road intersection at North Rosarito Beach:




foto por Bajadock, 18 Jan 2016, southbound Scenic Road, North Rosarito across from WalMart

TIJUANA BC 4 May 2016 (AFN) .- The construction of Node Pemex, together with an average vehicular traffic up to 40 thousand vehicles per day, bring damages to both residents and tourists visiting Playas de Rosarito.

In the coming weeks, thousands of tourists arrive in the fifth municipality to mark the “Memorial Weekend” American, and these could be affected, so authorities will undertake the creation of new accesses and deviations for the locality.

According to the authorities, will be four construction processes that will start next week and will require the creation of three new accesses: the extension of a lane free road to Tijuana sense Norte, a new access via colony Reform for motorists the Tijuana-Ensenada, and a new access for those traveling on the same highway north to join the free road to Tijuana highway.

This work represents an investment of more than 100 million pesos and hope to achieve the proposed dates without creating traffic chaos in the area or inconvenience to motorists.

With this, they say, it seeks to reduce the accident rate on these roads, pledging to keep the population informed to changes in the circulation of these two roads essential to Rosarito and mobility in the state.


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