Ensenada Malecon Construction

Bajadock: Sunday afternoon traffic was high from Ens toll booth south through downtown.  The “rebel ride” bicyclists were riding 2 and 3 abreast in right lane.  Some were accompanied by their “team support vehicles” crawling along at 10mph.  Apparently the “rebels” were riding in protest of the high registration fees for the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride on Saturday, May 7.  WARNING!!!  Ens toll booth to downtown traffic will be a painful traffic crawl from approx 10AM – 5PM on May 7.

Ensenada’s big flag is still hiding in retreat.  But, the new “space needle”(fka “big flag pole”) is available.

ElVigia.net  Workers and service providers located on the boardwalk in Ensenada, requested the authorities of the Port Authority (API), to avoid shutting because of the renovations to the site, as this affects the arrival of tourists and consumption in the zone.

Valente Padilla Arce, a member of sport fishing, David Salvador Ortega Padilla and Elizabeth Piña Aguilar, explained that since November last year closed the work at the site, a situation that has come to affect them during the weekends.

“Being that we agreed that we would support that the weekend had access for tourism. And on Monday again were to begin their work. Every weekend something happens”, they told.

They explained that the last case was shut off with a wooden door at the height of the pier and the “Black Market” seafood, a situation that forced many tourists to make unnecessary detours, or desist from visiting the place.

“They have to make an access for people to pass. During the week it was open. Now the weekend, they come up to close the door. People could not pass and played, they said ‘our car is on the other side’ I’traigo my mom and can not walk far. “

“(The guards responded) ‘can not turn’. To us, as servants, we stalled the work,” he stressed.

Displays list of affected
Affected showed El Vigia a list of 41 people affected by the closure, who sell food, drink, snacks, clothing, and curiosities; despite the report to the authorities they have not done them proper case.

They added that neither have had understanding of an architect in charge of the work, besides the billboards were placed just on Sunday.

Nor they have known a completion date, and while they have had to face declining sales.



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