New Maneadero Mall

Ensenada, BC – Representatives of Ejido Nacionalista Sanchez Taboada and businessmen from Sinaloa, signed an agreement to build a shopping center on the first level delegation Maneadero, in early November.
Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, president of the ejido, reported that the project is covered in the area of the “Y” site that would cover two hectares, with this, Casa Ley will be installed at the height of the road to La Bufadora and the top of Maneadero.
“Ley will be the ‘anchor store’. Beside it plans to install another appliance store, furniture and clothing sinaloenses origin, although the latter is still in talks,” he said.
According to information disclosed on social networks, Maneadero mall will house restaurants, department stores, and some areas for tasting wines and cheeses of the region, as well as various shops.
Carrillo Huerta said that the work will start during the first days of May; currently already they have soil studies and completed architectural project.
“It will be a great achievement for the ejido and its members see this work completed. For many months were in negotiations.
“Today we concluded the legal part, now giving way to the execution of the work,” the ejido president when he unveiled the project.
Bajadock: artist’s rendering from our Nov 2014 story on the proposed Maneadero Mall.

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  1. Posted May 2, 2016 at 02:33 | Permalink | Reply

    Too bad they don’t improve the road system going to the border.

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