Baja Margarita Crisis

A 48 pesos el kilo de limón en Los Globos.  Fotografia: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex

Bajadock: Despite high limon prices, tequila values remain very solid.  Our team of test tasters will investigate further and report back soon.  And remember, never drink a maragarita made with marg mix.  Insistes en jugo de limón fresco!  Ensenada, BC- With prices reaching up to $ 48 pesos per kilo, the Mexican lemon in Ensenada has become one of the most expensive fruits of the domestic market.

To put it in perspective, bringing you a kilo of lemon purchase can buy half a kilo of meat  in some butcher shops of the town.

In fact, considering the figures of the SAGARGPA own this very day April 19, 2016, the price of lemon in this county, is by far the highest in Mexico. According to the National Information System and Market Integration , today the price of lemon in Baja California is 21 pesos per kilo, but the reality is different.

On a tour disparate markets saw prices kilo of lemon, and none close at 21 pesos.

In the Mercado Mayorista price of kilo of Mexican lemon it is $ 36.90.

At Walmart, where it appears as “sour lemon” the price is $ 39.90.

And the Los Globos, is $ 48 pesos.

Photography: Jorge Gomez / plex
Photography: Jorge Gomez / plex

Thursday April 14 through a press release CEO DICONSA, Juan Manuel Valle Pereña, and PROFECO, Ernesto Nemer Alvarez, announced the purchase of 200 tons of lemon for distribution to nearby preferential price 20 pesos per kilogram in more than five thousand community stores.

This from a total of 27 thousand that the parastatal has in the country, which would be verified by the PROFECO for the cost of the product is respected.

The move, they said, then remembered that in recent days the price of lemon recorded increases in various cities.

Lemon DICONSA are buying directly from producers in the country, to take it they say to nearby communities to various urban areas.

Price Lemon in Balloons. Photography: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex
Lemon prices Los Globos.  Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex

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