Baja Drought 2016


Bajadock: Less than 3 inches of rain has been recorded in downtown Ensenada from 1 January through 20 April 2016.  Anyone see that El Niño character???

monitoreconomico By Luis Levar

After registering in 2016 the second driest in the last 74 years February, Baja California remains mired in drought and according to the new report Drought Monitor Conagua, March 31 showed an increase of 53.0 percent in the affected areas in the state.

Thus, after having registered 15 March, a 55.3 percent damaged surface 31 thereof it became 84.6 percent.

“The deficit rains in the country allowed regionally areas with drought will increase, such as the Northwest, where Baja California reached the second driest February since 1941 and its extension with extreme drought increased 3.3 percent to 11.8 Feb. 29 percent, “the report said February; however, now is the 13.3 percent of the territory which is under these conditions ..

In the report Drought Monitor, February 15 it was reported that the surface unaffected reached 47.8 percent, however, the update states that it is now just 15.4 percent, marking the lowest figure in the last twelve months.

Thus, the new report increased to 84.6 percent affected with 32.0% in abnormally dry area;16.6% in moderate drought; 22.7% in severe drought; and 13.3% in extreme drought.

In our previous report we noted that since the warm weather has already performed in the region, it is not ruled out that the indicators will again enfilaran to the levels reported in the document of March 31, 2015 when the unaffected territory was reduced to 25.4 percent , while extreme drought amounted to 23.8 percent of the territory and severe to 30.4 percent, but the trouble now is that these indicators are the meanest in a year with a greater area affected.

Also the Center for Economic Studies of Tijuana warned that “given that in recent days was presented a new heat wave and temperatures in general are on the rise, it is feared that the end of this month or early April fierce in the drought in the state and there are no clear programs to address the problem, “which was confirmed and what is worse, it can get any worse.


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