Bufadora Buys a Vowel

Bajadock: “Vamos a ir en un autobús para ver algunas letras a La Bufadora” can be the new slogan of tour guide operators.  As LTBL suggested in comments below, we recommend a betting pool on when the first letter disappears.   I’ll bet on less than 90 days.  Beautiful “SENAD”.
One of the above symbols confuses me.  How does the desert symbol in the “D” relate to a candle(cirio)?  Or is there a hidden meaning of that word that I don’t understand?
POSTED BY HOSANNA L PUBLISHED 23:26 leondanielinforma.com.mx
Ensenada, BC on April 11, 2016.- To encourage tourist vocation of the city and give prominence to one of the icons of the municipality and Mexico, the mayor, teacher Gilberto Hirata opened the flagship letters in La Bufadora Ensenada.
The munícipe welcomed this unveiling will attract more visitors to this outstanding place that caused the admiration of local and overseas thanks to its unique natural phenomenon.
“This inauguration will turn the world, and that thousands of visitors who come to La Bufadora from many countries, which will enhance the tourist vocation of this beautiful place” emphasized.
He said he hoped that both tenants, landowners and government can work together to make La Bufadora a much more dignified and more attractive for domestic and foreign tourists visiting the place.
“It is time that La Bufadora start awakening and the great potential of this unique site in the world take advantage” he stressed.
On the other hand, Luis Alonso Tirado , director of the Trust for La Bufadora indicated that during 2015 received half a million visitors and only at Easter arrived 70 thousand people, 30 percent more than last year.
The official thanked the support of the mayor, teacher Hirata for the promotion that has been the site through social networks and together with institutions such as Proturismo.
Alonso Tirado acknowledged the work of the management of infrastructure in the placement of these letters, the staff of the Municipal Youth Institute have conducted surveys among visitors, as well as elements of Public Safety who have been keeping surveillance area.
Jesus Rocha Martinez , director of Infrastructure informed that these letters made ​​of steel and labeled with symbols representing the township were installing their own resources of City Hall.
He added that each of the letters represent images as distinctive as bighorn sheep, off road racing, science, pines, grapes and wine, the waves, the candle and whales.
At the opening lessees, traders, municipal officials and the general public were present.


  1. Posted April 13, 2016 at 07:11 | Permalink | Reply

    betting pool on when the first letter disappears??

    • bajadock
      Posted April 13, 2016 at 07:22 | Permalink | Reply

      ilikeit and added your suggestion in post update under first photo.

  2. Juan del Norte
    Posted April 13, 2016 at 09:17 | Permalink | Reply

    Maybe they can use a letter or two to fill in the road hole on the TdM on way from the Buf! Steel should last longer than dirt against that washed out area, unless they actually put in drainage culverts – heaven forbid!

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