Bullfighting Season


Spectators filled about half of Tijuana’s Plaza Monumental bullfighting ring on Sunday for events that including a rejoneador, a bullfighter on horseback, for the first bullfight of the season. On Thursday, the Congress of the Mexican state of Baja California voted to again delay making a decision on whether to ban bullfighting, a sport that is increasingly unpopular in Mexico, according to the polling firm Parametria. In a 2015 poll, 73% of Mexican citizens supported a nationwide ban. The Mexican states of Sonora, Coahuila and Guerrero have banned bullfighting. The sport remains popular in the country’s capital, Mexico City, however, where the Plaza de Toros Mexico seats 48,000 spectators, the largest bullring in the world. Tijuana’s bullfight ring, situated near the border fence at Playas, is designed to appeal to Americans, even extending special offers to San Diego tourists: For a minimum of $200, guests will be whisked to the grounds of a winery on Saturday for a “Toros and Vino Event” that will feature two hours of private bullfights and a return trip across the U.S. border before the main event on Sunday.



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