9 Vacations Around Ensenada



9 places to vacation around Ensenada.

The Easter holidays were over, but increasingly are closer called “long vacation”, which not so long are now certainly, but accompanied by an excellent summer weather, invite us to leave town on vacation and explore new places with family or friends.

In the previous article we talked about the activities we can do in Ensenada, and this time and to exit the routine, talk of 9 destinations that we visit in our town some time in our lives, not ordered by importance, so everyone who will give your score to each location.

1. San Luis Gonzaga Bay

 A beautiful and quiet place where you can perform various activities such as fishing, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, boat rides for observing wildlife in the surrounding islands and marine fauna like the great whale sharks, sea lions, seals, dolphins, killer whales and / or dolphins, among other species,

Land activities you can do are hiking and mountain biking to visit the ruins of Mines and drag them oasis of Rinconada and Palmitas.

You should not miss this fascinating place located approximately 50 kilometers south of Puertecitos and 130 kilometers about leaving San Felipe, from Ensenada you can reach the Transpeninsular highway and Chapala, take the local road indicated crossing about 57 kilometers.

2. Cataviña

 Located 120 kilometers south of El Rosario, it is a place where besides an oasis, some paintings and a field of giant stones you will find, very close by is the so-called park the Palmerito, which has a museum and camping areas and trails for hiking or cross-country practices, or you can stay at the Hotel Mision Catavina.

3. Bahia de Los Angeles

 A quiet in whose bay place you can see the imposing island Guardian Angel, the amazing landscapes of this area make it a place you can not miss, also by the calm waters it is considered the best area in the world observation and coexistence with the great whale shark congregate in large groups, can also find dolphins and sea turtles, being undoubtedly also another place to practice kayaking and fishing, the latter activity is practiced in this area since between the most abundant marine species are mackerel, tuna, marlin and dorado. Season whale shark sighting in this area begins in June and ends in December.

4. Puertecitos

 Another great place in the municipality of Ensenada, located approximately 80 kilometers south of San Felipe, which has wells in the rocks with hot springs where you can immerse yourself and enjoy them, but sometimes can be almost boiling , ideally wait for the tide to make fresh water temperature decreases. It also features extensive beaches that you can enjoy during holiday seasons.

5. Laguna Hanson

 An excellent place located in the Sierra de Juarez or Park 1857 Constitution which we have spoken and is highly recommended to go on vacation. During the months of December and January you can find snow in place so it would be great to go this season.

You can find more about this place coming here.

6. Rancho San Carlos

This ranch has outbreaks of mineralized hot springs that hold in pools to enjoy and desestrezar the mind and body while having fun the whole family. Besides enjoying the warm waters you can perform various activities such as hiking, climbing and bike ride or rappel down.

Access is on the road transpeninsular down of former ejido Chapultepec and before reaching Maneadero left take the path pointed up to the ranch, where a fee for camping stay or paid.

7. Sierra de San Pedro Martir

 The highest mountains of the peninsula and the most spectacular place in Baja California, in this place you can find animal species such as bighorn sheep, deer, cougar, eagle and California condor among others.

Here you will find the National Astronomical Observatory of the UNAM, camping areas and you can practice rappelling, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, certainly day or night enjoy a spectacular and unforgettable view.

8. Punta Cabras

An excellent place to camp and enjoy the peace that nature can offer us, is a great place for kayaking, snorkeling and surfing located in Eréndira, an hour and a half south of Ensenada, also has rocky areas where you can fish and collect mussels. Punta Cabras also has cabins for rent and transport by boat for fishing and / or diving.

9. Isla Guadalupe

 This world-renowned island invites you to, if you are adventurous and have enough to live an exotic experience, swim with the Great White Shark value.

This island located south of the town is protected by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and is designated as Biosphere Reserve possessing specimens of flora and endemic and native fauna that make it the size of the Galapagos Islands, undoubtedly will give you an unforgettable holiday.


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