Highway 1 Maneadero Crumble

The lack of proper channeling of rainwater in the fall of former ejido Chapultepec to Maneadero caused, yesterday, was cut itself off for the second time a part of the Transpeninsular road at the height of the Lomas de San Fernando.

The heavy rains during the weekend fell by a natural channel formed along the busy road, causing the collapse of a section of approximately 10 meters long by 5 meters wide.

Elements of the Municipal Police rushed to the site to place road cones and cordon off the affected area on the right lane of traffic heading north of the town.

Earlier this year he finished the reconstruction of the “flight of death” Maneadero, by a previous desmembering and numerous potholes that were in the asphalt.

December 2014 photo

As previously announced, on December 12, 2014 the collapse of a section of the road where it happened just yesterday, on one side of the entrance to the Lomas de San Fernando was recorded. FILLING TIME

To allow vehicular traffic, staff of the Directorate of Municipal Utility work performed in the affected space filled with a backhoe loader.

As a result, municipal officials disqualified the traffic lanes from south to north, and steered drivers for lane opposite direction, causing a slight traffic jam.

Municipal agency staff reported that yesterday would only be a filling of sand and dirt, which today would be repaired with a mixture of construction material.



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